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Prophecies of Prophet Ayo Babalola which are already happening and some which are yet to happen

1. Extinction of Maize

He said a day is coming when Maize will become history and it will not be found anywhere in the world. He therefore counseled that people should keep the Maize cob and tree for the future to show their children.

2. Modernism in the Church

Ina certain great revelation he saw a very beautiful lady clothed in beautiful garment, walking on a road without a child. He said however as he countined to look he saw that the lady had suddenly carried a baby behind her as he walked. The spirit of God then told him to move forward near the lady a bit so as to have a better view of the lady and the child she carried. He said when he moved closer to the lady and closely looked at her then he found a great surprise, that the child was upside down, the leg upside and the head of the child downwards. However as the lady continues her walk, suddenly the child began to kick her head and neck with his legs and the woman entered into serious trouble. Apostle Babalola confessed that he was greatly terrified by the vision. He said he then asked God what this may mean and what interpretation may be ascribed to the vision.

He said the Lord told him that the lady he saw is a type of Christ Apostolic Church and the child she carries that was giving her problems is modernism(civilization). The Lord then told him that a day is coming when modernism will enter the church and once this happens trouble will start. And that it is already knocking and the only thing that can save the church is to go back to the first love, the original foundation.

3. His Ministerial Assignment

During the General Convention in 1935 he said God told him that he would do 30 ministerial assignments and he had done only one out of them. He then asked them what would happen when he did the second and the people roared in excitement and shout. Unknown to them, that he was giving a prophecy about his life and ministry. When he later died in 1959, 30 years after he started then they remembered that the 30 assignment meant 30 years.

4. The coming money

He said the plenty of money that is coming may be likened to a cloud that is gathering to rain. That when it shall finally rain and the money will come it will lead many away from the faith.

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