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This is Proof That Prayers Don't Work (Opinion)

"Prayer is the key."

More than likely, you've heard this popular sentence multiple times, especially from adults in your childhood.

 Prayer, which is the act of verbally or mentally communicating with a deity to make requests, is a huge part of many different religions.

 Many faithfuls believe in the efficacy of prayers, especially when done with a "clean heart." There are over 4000 religions in the world and their believers testify and even swear that praying to their deities yielded them answers. 

But is that really possible? Of course not. You can't affect the real world just by praying for things to happen.

 Getting things to happen for you requires actual work and some good fortune. 

Let's get logical now, taking the Bible as a case study. 

According to the bible, God already knows the beginning and the end of everything. This means that every outcome is already fixed and unchangeable. 

The bible also says that whenever he says yes, no one can say no. Therefore, what's the point of praying to potentially change what has already been set in stone? It means that anybody praying is trying to tell God to change his perfect decisions which cannot be changed. 

Also, people who testify that prayers work for them always give testimonies about things that would've happened with or without their praying. Nothing supernatural.

 Amazingly, pastors are always healing people on TV and podiums with simple prayers. Sadly, that's where the miraculous healing ends.

 Why don't they go to places where certified sick people are to heal them? Why do people even still die of illness. Why can't we pray away all the vices and violence after ages of "praying for the world"? Why do accidents happen even after praying for divine safety?

The simple answer to these pressing questions is that prayer is as effective as fetching water with a sieve. The earlier we open our eyes and question the things that make no sense, the better for us. 

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