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Say These Words Of Prayer, To Prophecy Into The New Week

Our righteous Father, king of Kings, Lord of lords, the almighty God, the I'm that I'm , we come to your presence tonight, to worship at your feet, we thank you for the concluded week, we're also grateful for the new week, thank you for your love and kindness over our life, we give you all the glory, honour and adoration, because you alone is worthy of our praise, we lift up our hands before you this evening, accept our worship Lord, in Jesus name.

We come before you thIs night, to pour out our heart to you, Father hear us as we call, in Jesus name. Any of our sin that may hinder our prayers tonight, Father forgive us and cleans us from all our iniquities in Jesus name. Let your grace and mercy be sufficient for us, in Jesus name.

Say Amen to these words of prayer, as you started a new week

1. Heavenly father, I call upon your name tonight, every evil plans concerning my life in this new week, let them be destroyed, in Jesus name.

2. Oh Lord, in anyway the devil has been oppressing my life, that has been making life difficult for me, father fight for me and deliver me totally, in Jesus name.

3. My God, every demonic power the devil is using over my life, I command the power to be destroyed, in Jesus name.

4. Oh Lord, every evil gathering concerning my life and destiny let them be scattered in the mighty name of Jesus.

5. My God, the evil mirror, the devil is using to monitor my progress, let it be broken, in the mighty name of Jesus.

6. Oh Lord, let all my lost glory be restored in this new week, and let my life receive great transformation, in Jesus name.

Are there chance of it coming to pass?

If you believe, type Amen in the comment section.

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Have a wonderful week.

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