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Quran Did Not Say Women Should Wear Hijab - Fr. Ugwu Says, Reveals What Quran Said Women Should Wear

A popular Nigerian Catholic Priest serving as a Missionary in The Gambia, Reverend Father Kelvin Ugwu, spoke about the Hijab in a post he shared on his Facebook page. He said the Holy Quran did not say women should wear Hijab. According to him, the Quran said women should wear Khumurihina (the plural of Khimar), not Hijab, and it is written in Quran 24:31. He said Khumurihina refers to a scarf peculiar to women in the Arabic world and other civilisations around them.

Corroborating his points, he said Hijab as used in the Quran does not mean a scarf that covers the head down to the shoulders as many people may understand it today; "it means a curtain, protection, wall or any other thing that hides or masks something". Speaking further, he said people often misquote Quran 33:35 because it mentioned "Hijab", and that a popular scholar, Dr Asma Lambrabet, said the verse simply explains the private life of people especially prophet Muhammad, not that women should wear Hijab.

He concluded by saying that the Quran verses above point to the fact that women are to wear Khumurihina, as Quran didn't specify that they should wear Hijab. He added that anybody who researches about it will believe.

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