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"Not all dreams are Spiritual attacks" —see dreams and their interpretation

Dream Interpretation involves a process of assigning meaning to dreams.

It can come from devil, God or from dominant thought.

Although it is associated form of psychotherapy, there is no realiable evidence that understanding that has no impact on one's mental health. Rather, as a means of a supernatural communication whose message could be interpreted by gifted people.

It is believed that dreams have an assign meaning to people's daily activities and here are some of these dreams and their interpretation.

1. Teeth falling down

This dream Interpretation is related to how strong and confident you feel in your daily life. It could be that something is challenging and causing you to lose confidence in your ability to deal with it. You could be more confident and challenge the issue.

2. Unable to find a Toilet

This dream means that there are some situation in your life that is negative and harmful, but you are struggling to let it go.

3. Being chased

The meaning of this dream is that there isba situation in your daily life that is triggered such a Dream.

4. Naked in public

Dreaming of this means there is a situation in your life that makes you vulnerable and exposed.


The flying dream reflects the feeling of freedom. It shows you are released from some limitations or circumstances that were weighing you down.

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Dream Interpretation


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