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4 Ways to prevent wet dreams

Wet dream has become a serious challenge to people these days. It doesn't respect your religion as it affects both Christians and non-Christians. As a Christian, it won't augur well with you if you constantly experience wet dreams. To some, they might enjoy having wet dreams since they don't consider it as a bad dream.

In case you don't know, wet dream is as good as bad dream. This is because to some, it might be a sign that you have a spiritual wife/husband because it sounds awful to make love in the dream. If you have been battling with it, I have 4 ways you can prevent it. There is a saying that says "Prevention is better than cure" so follow these;

1. Avoid having any romantic feelings before you sleep.

Sometimes the thought in you usually manifests which means when you think of making love before going to bed, you might end up doing it in the dream. Therefore, before you sleep, ensure your mind is free from romantic thoughts.

2. Avoid sleeping on your stomach.

Many people like sleeping with their stomachs facing the ground; this could lead you to have wet dreams. The problem sometimes is that, when you were going to bed, you didn't sleep on your stomach but before you know it, you have turned. So try to prevent the turning with pillows.

3. Stop watching erotic movies before you sleep.

When you watch adult movies at night before you sleep, you are likely to have wet dreams. This is because your mind was filled with it before you went to bed.

5. Pray against it before you sleep.

As Christians, we know that there is nothing prayers can not do. If you are the type usually have this wet dream, try to always pray against it before you sleep. When you pray, God sends His Angels to take charge of your night. By that, you can be sure to have a sweet night's rest devoid of Wet dreams.

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