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How to receive the prophetic gift as a christian

What is prophecy or what does it mean to prophesy?

In its simplest form prophecy is the act of foretelling or forthtelling.

Foretelling - to know the future

A typical example is Elisha - Through prophecy, Elisha was able to tell the king what the enemy is planning and who will win in every war and battle they fight. Now imagine you can prophesy; you will be able to know things that will happen in your life even before they happen, and things that will happen in people's life even before it happens at all. For example if you foretell that armed robbers will come to your neighborhood soon and will rob a lot of people, you can quickly tell everyone so you can all be ready to face them when they come. If you can foretell that someone is bringing a big contract for someone in your family, you can tell the person so he/she can know the best steps to take so that the contract gets to him/her.

Forthtelling- to cause the future (make something to happen)

Prophecy is not only knowing what will happen in the future, you can also command events to happen in your future or someone else's future. This is what many pastors and prophets do when they say, "I prophesy, you will be this and that in the future". You might not be initially destined for what they said but because they have commanded it in your future with a throne in heaven that backs it up, it can come to happen just as they've prophesied. 

This was what Elijah did in Israel. He commanded that the rain should not fall for three good years, and yes! The rain did not fall, not even 1 drop. With God's direction, you can look into the life of someone you love and command something good into him or change something bad in his life. The person might be poor and struggling to make ends meet, you can prophesy into his life and command his business to boom. Yes! That is how mighty the spirit of prophecy can be.

Now let's move into the 2 common ways you can receive this spirit of prophecy;

1. By Impartation

Impartation is the act of receiving something you initially do not have, by getting it from someone who has it already. For example- if the blood of someone with HIV mixes with the blood of someone that is HIV negative (I.e.does not have HIV), the uninfected person will become infected with the HIV because the infected person's blood has come in contact with his own blood. In other words, the infected person has imparted the uninfected person with HIV, now they are both infected and they now both have HIV. This is what impartation is about and that is how it works.

Paul said "For I long to see you that I may impart some spiritual gifts to you, that you may be established (Romans 1:11)".

That is to say - you can go and meet someone that evidently have the spirit of prophecy and he can impart that grace unto you. He can do this by laying his hands on you, making prophetic utterances or just saying words. If you are born again and you have been in filled with the holy ghost, once the person imparts it on you, the spirit of prophecy will be released, making the prophetic an accessible dimension to you.

2. By Asking directly from God

If you are born again and you have received the Holy spirit, you can also receive the spirit of prophecy into your life by directly asking God.

Jesus said " Ask and it shall be given unto you (matt 7:7)" and he also said in the same chapter "If you that you are evil know how to give good things to your children, how much more shall your father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him? (matt 7:11)"

As long as what you asked for is aligned to God's will, God will gladly give it to you. Now we both know that prophecy is a good thing, so if we ask God for the spirit of prophecy, He will gladly give it to us. I must add this; if you will ask the Lord, you must ask with Faith (be totally convinced and convicted that God will give it to you)- James 1:5-6

The spirit of prophecy is just the raw material needed by anyone who wants to prophecy or anyone that has the grace to be a prophet, there are other simple things you must learn and spiritual exercises you will be doing.

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