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Astrology Divination


Say These Prayers Before You Go To Bed Tonight (16/04/2021)

Our father and our God,we appreciate your mercy and faithfulness towards us, be lifted forever... tonight, I decree, the Almighty God shall attend to all your needs phycially, spiritually, financially, maritally and emotionally. The power of God shall attend to all your unpalatable situation and circumstances contending with your destiny and progress by fire... Every generational problems and challenges retarding your promotion and elevation, shall be crushed tonight.. Every evil mountain limiting your Success and progress, shall be shattered.... The Almighty God shall attend to all your marital problems and challenges tonight by divine intervention.. The power to recover all your stolen Blessings, favour, Success and breakthrough, shall be restored in Multiple folds.. tonight,I decree the evil agenda of wickedness shall not come to fulfilment in your family..I command, the divine peace of God, to fill and envelope your household,.. The angels of protection,shall guide and watch over your family tonight and beyond,. The supernatural power of God, shall disgrace all your enemies and adversaries by thunder and fire. As many that are not happy with your achievements, shall be disgraced and put to shame.. The Almighty God, shall clothe and decorate your enemies with the garment of failure and embarassment..... Every evil cloud moving over your family, shall turn to shower of Blessings and miracles, ... The power of freedom shall set you free, from every demonic yoke and evil chains of wickedness manifesting upon your family.. Every evil grave dug for any member of your family, shall consume their diggers, The doors of opportunity and wonders shut against your family, shall be opened by fire.. I surround your household with fire of defence and protection from above,... I paralyze and shatter, every instruments of wickedness used against your family negatively. power working against your uplifting and promotion, shall catch fire tonight I command, every power working against the manifestation of your testimony and advancement, shall be consumed with fire tonight, in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ.....

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