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Say These Prayers Against Death & Calamity Before You Go Out Today

We thank God for the gift of life and for everything he did for us throughout this month. He has been so good to us and we need to develop the habit of worshipping God on a daily basis. Before you go out in the morning, worship him; before you sleep at night, worship him too. Before you go out today, say these prayers against death and calamity to God:

As you go out today, deaths and calamity shall not be your portion

Accident shall not be your portion in the name of Jesus

You shall go out safely and come back home safely

The devil shall not rejoice over your live today

The presence of the Lord shall abide with you and every member of your family

Anywhere you will go,and the presence of the Lord will not go there, He will dissallow you from going there

You shall not lose any member of your family today in the name of Jesus

Peace of mind shall be your portion as you go out today

Sicknesses and setbacks shall not be your portion this week

You will not board the vehicle that will take you to eternity

You will laugh last today in the name of Jesus

The Lord shall cover you with His feathers today as you go out

Any way you have sinned against God, knowingly or unknowingly, He will forgive you

The Lord will speak to you today in the name of Jesus

No evil shall befall you as you go out today

We shall not lack today in the name of Jesus

Thank you for answering our prayers Lord

At the end of today give us reasons to glorify your name Lord

Help us to serve you zealously today Lord

In Jesus name we pray


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