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How to receive the Holy Spirit

What do we mean by Holy Spirit? It's a clean spirit that comes directly from God to His children to serve as protection for us. Jesus said in His scripture, "I'm going to meet my father but I will send you a comforter to direct you not to be misleaded". It also serves as a comforter to all devoted Christians in the world who seek for it.

Here are some basic things to do to receive the Holy Spirit and become a fire carrier in Christ;

Salvation: Is the process of giving your life to Christ as your Lord and personal saviour. Confess and forsake all your iniquities, determine not to do those ungodly things again and move closer to God the Alpha and Omega if everything

Sanctification: after giving your life to Christ as your Lord and personal saviour, what you need next is to live a holy and righteous life before God. Live a life that pleases God, don't look back like Lot's wife at Sodom

Bible Reading: meditate in the word of God, when you're addicted to bible reading you'll begin to discover new things and you will be enlightened to some basic information you need concerning your life. The Bible is your teacher because the more you read it the more you get deeper in it.

Prayer: this should be a daily encounter with God, it brings a mutual relationship between man and God, You need to pray to overcome some storms in life. Prayer is one of the ways to connect to God.

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I pray for you, receive the Holy ghost right now in Jesus name🙏

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