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What would Jesus do?: A watchword for Alice and every believer who face challenges.

Have you ever been so offended by others that you felt compelled to punish or avenge them? Have you ever taken it upon yourself to avenge the wrongs done by others? Do you know that there is a striking difference between you, a Christian, and unbelievers? 

Her mistakes and flaws were the desires of her neighbors in order to spite her faith. Alice was a devoted Christian with the utmost faith in God. She never missed church services on Sundays and weekly ones.

But she had a thorn in her flesh, and her neighbors living around her were unbelievers who took pleasure in bothering and mocking her in order to cause her to err from faith in her God. Despite their frequent misdeeds to make her falter, she kept climbing through it all. Most of her neighbors wondered why she never responded or attacked them for their wrongs and misdeeds against her.  

Sooner, her youngest daughter consulted her. She said, "Mummy, why haven't you reacted to what some of our neighbors often do to us?"  Alice replied to her daughter, "My daughter, the essence of their actions is to make us sin against God, so that they can mock us, but God is always with His people. He will always help us. I will give you a short code you should never forget in any situation you find yourself in. It is "WWJD", a code with meaning knowledge that will help you stand above all oddities."

WWJD is an alphabetism used by older believers in Christ to caution and guide one another against misbehaving or taking a wrong step or action, even when provoked. During those times, a believer who feels offended and intends to take action or vengeance for such an offense will become temperate upon hearing "WWJD" from fellow believers.


The acronym "WWJD", which means "what would Jesus do?", implies how Christ would react to a situation in which a believer finds himself/herself. Jesus Christ lived an exemplary life of love, meekness, mercy, kindness, truth, was sinless and temperate in all matters. Anyone who professes to be born again is expected to live and be of good conduct, because that is Christ's nature. Disciples of Jesus were first called Christian at Antioch, because they exhibited Christ's nature in them.


There are several temptations and provocations which Christians face on a daily basis. These are mostly incited by unbelievers and enemies of the gospel to cause them to misbehave in order to spite or challenge their salvation. Nevertheless, this could be a test of your character. God expects you to pass the test. Your reaction or disposition should be what Jesus would do in that situation. 

Remember, God wants you to be perfect, Matthew 5:48, even as He is perfect; you must express His identity in you.

Thank you.

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