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Today's Morning Prayer: Father, Give Me Extraordinary Blessings And Help Me Succeed This Week

Heavenly Father, be praised and glorified for my life today, that of my family, and for the new week. According to your promise in Genesis chapter 1, I declare that I shall be fruitful henceforth. Like the way you blessed Abraham God bless the work of my hands, and help me prosper in all my endeavors. You gave Sarah, Hannah hope when all hope was lost. Lord, give me miracles that will close the mouth of those laughing at my predicament. You raised Joseph from prison and made him a governor. Father, turned around my captivity, make me great. Raise me from dejection, rejection into a person of importance. 

Turn every rejected stone in my life into the pillar that holds a great home. Anywhere I was rejected before let me be accepted, anywhere I was known as nothing make me something great people can't do without. This week gives me extraordinary blessings and makes me Victorious in every battle that I will fight.

Israel is a country surrounded by enemies. But they were never afraid of their enemies because they have God with them. Hence, I shall never be afraid of what the evil one can do because I have God beside me. Like Daniel, the servant of the King of Babylon hated and work against him. But God turned the tide and favor his servant Daniel even when he was thrown into Lion's den. You closed the mouth of Lion and no harm came to him. Let those plotting evil against me be consumed by their conspiracy. Any pit of lions, my enemies will throw me into. Stand-in for me. Make every danger in my life harmless towards me. Grant me victory at the end, I pray through Christ our Lord, Amen!

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