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"Ask The Lord, He Will Hear You". Before You Sleep Tonight Say These Prayers.

Covenant keeping God, the alpha and Omega, the mighty one in battles, the glorious God, the everlasting God. He is the one that can never fail. Man can fail but the Lord will never fail. The God over all circumstances, the God over all situations. The one who knows all things,even the things that a man thinks is hidden to the Lord, the Lord sees it clearly. You are immortal, invisible, incomparable and Omnipotent.We really appreciate you for your endless Love towards us. Be thy exalted.

Tonight we come to your throne to say our prayers. We also come to say our hearts desires,we pray that you hear and answer our prayers.

The Bible says "ask,it shall be given,seek, you shall find,knock, the door shall be open unto you".

These are our prayers;

1. All the spirit of darkness tormenting our lives and destiny, making it in possible to live a peaceful life,we pray that you use your mighty power to destroy the spirit in Jesus mighty name.

2. Our destiny helpers that you have ordained for us right from our birth,we pray that you cause them to locate us. We pray that wherever our helpers may be,that you should touch their hearts to come and help us in Jesus name.

3. The places that seems no way,we pray that you go there and make way for us in Jesus name.

4. We pray that as we sleep tonight you cause us to dream dreams of our promotion,of our success and our breakthrough. We pray that when we dream the dreams that you make it come to reality in the name of Jesus Christ.

We thank you because you have answered our prayers. For in Jesus most powerful name we have prayed. Amen.

Remain blessed and prosper in Jesus name.

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