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One Thing That Is More Important Than Fasting And Prayer

Hebrew 12 : 14.

Prayer and fasting are good, because, without these, many miracles and wonders wouldn't happen. Therefore, it is spiritually good to fast and pray, as many victories are won. Despite the great spiritual value and important of fasting and praying, there is one thing that is greater, mightier and very important than fasting and praying, this thing is, living a life of holiness. A life of holiness is a sure way to receive enormous God's blessings. The word of God says, leave in peace with all men and in holiness, without this, no man shall see God

Living a victorious life over flesh and sin is no other thing than living in holiness. When one is saved from his life of sin, one would receive the power to go and sin no more, at that point, one would be able to live a life of holiness before God and man. Old things (sins) had passed away, behold, all things had become new.

A man or a woman who is living a life of holiness is a man or woman who will see sin but will never commit it, though, he or she may suffer for taking stand for God, but the reward is mighty and great. There is nothing that can be used to equate a life of holiness. Fasting and praying without holiness in the heart, are no other thing than physical exercises that yield little returns. When one is holy before God, with little prayer, one can shake the hands of God in heaven.

When one is living a life of holiness, one's little prayer can move a mighty mountain away, mind you, prayer and fasting are good but may not take one to heaven should one fails to live a life of holiness, the gate of heaven will be widely opened for those who are living a life of holiness in the last day. Hebrew 12 :14, " Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord."

May God Almighty help you and me to live a life of holiness, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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