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See Reactions As Imam Says Jesus Is Not Safe In America

The popular Imam Mohammad Tawhidi (a.k.a Imam of Peace) took to his twitter page to post a beheaded statue of Jesus Christ and said 'Jesus is not safe in America'.

The tweet of Imam has generated a lot of reactions from Christians and non-Christians.

The tweet of the imam says "Jesus is not safe in America. Jesus statue found beheaded at a church in Kendall. The Archdiocese of Miami wants it investigated. Must be condemned by all of us" - said Imam Tawhidi (Imam of Peace).

Some Christians reacting to this corrected the Imam and made him to understand that the beheaded statue is not Jesus Christ and some others added that this does not represent Jesus Christ as given in the book of Exodus that Christians should not build up any image to worship as that is Idolatry.

While reacting to the tweet of the Imam, a twitter user identified as Daniel said "That’s not Jesus , that’s a statue and it has been beheaded .. Jesus is alive and he is not a statue and we don’t worship a statue , we serve a living God (Jesus )" - says Daniel.

Another twitter User identified as Freedom added saying "That's not Jesus and don't represent Jesus. True Christians have no business with statues and images. It's against God's commandments.

"You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.

- Exodus 20:4" - Said Freedom.

While replying to Freedom, a Muslim identified as Anasdah said "You really understand the teaching of the christianity.if you really believe in what you are saying you are supposed to be a Muslim by now. Because in Islam even the pictures are not allowed but I can see most of the Christians wear necklace representing a statue of Jesus".What is your take in this?

Do you think the statue or pictures truly represent Jesus Christ?

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