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How I Reacted When I Was Excommunicated From The Church After My Salvation - Pastor Kumuyi Reveals

Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry spoke to his members on, "Permanently Abandoning Ensnaring Traditions And Embracing Truth" at their Tuesday Leadership Development Service.

In one of his subtopics, he spoke about, "The Reactions Of Pretenders In Religious Traditions" and read the book of Matthew 15:12. He said that the disciples of Jesus gave Him a feedback on how the Pharisees were offended at His words. Anyone who wants to get to heaven doesn't get offended by the word of God. Those who want to change and make heaven can never be offended. The word of God may condemn their allegiance to traditions and the position they hold, they will not be offended. It is those who are not asking for salvation but only for religion who get offended. I pray you will not be offended.

He then revealed how he reacted when he was excommunicated from the church after his salvation. He said, "I praise God for my own life, because when I became born again, all I was asking for was the salvation of the Lord and to spread and propagate the gospel to others. My Pastor at that time was not happy with me that I was not giving all the needed attention to music. An organist was needed at that time and I was not really coming up as expected, but I was looking at another direction."

"One Sunday morning, as he was preaching, he chastised me frankly. I even assumed he wanted me to stand up, so I did. However, when he instructed me to sit down, I was not embarrassed because he is the pastor and I have no authority to instruct him on how to deliver the sermon. I continued to attend church the following Sunday and stayed until I was informed that I would be unable to do so due to my involvement in evangelism and Bible study since they did not want a "church within a church." I wasn't insulted by this.'

Finally, In Galatians 4:16, he claimed that the apostle Paul questioned the people about why they should consider him an enemy simply because he had informed them of the truth of the gospel and that being circumcised merely signifies becoming a new creature in Christ. He also emphasized holiness to them. In the name of Jesus, may this not be our attitude. That is the response of charlatans and believers.

(Fast forward the VIDEO to 36 minutes)

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