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3 Ways You Can Always Make Your Pastor Happy

As Christians, we are expected to make ourselves happy in our words, actions, and inactions. We should not do things to make others sad but we should instead make happiness a priority. However, as much as our Pastors want us to be happy, we should always make them happy too. Here are three ways you can always make your pastors happy:

1. Pay Attention To His Teachings:

Every pastor will be happy to see his members paying rapt attention to his teachings. He will love it and it will drive him to speak more. No pastor will like to hear noise and movement during the sermon. However, you should try to pay attention during the sermon to make your Pastor happy. When he is happy, there's a high possibility that he will proclaim blessings upon your life.

2. Give Him Gifts

There is nobody who will not be happy with you if you give them gifts. Your Pastors will be very happy if you sow a seed into his life or if you give him gifts. It might not be frequent but you can also surprise him with gifts, especially if you know something that he really needs. You don't know the plan of God for your life and that could be a starting point of miracles in your life. The Bible says in Act 20:35 that "it is better to give than to receive."

3. Be Punctual To Services

Every pastor will be happy to see his members come early to church especially for churches of little number. Apart from making your pastor happy, you should also ensure that you are always punctual to church because you will definitely get God's blessing. If a pastor is to bless a particular section of people, there is no way he will bless those who are late before the punctual ones. So you have to make your Pastor happy by coming early to church.

In conclusion, you should also ensure that you make God happy by living a righteous and holy life and totally staying away from sin.

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