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3 Reasons some people have consistent setbacks in life.

Everybody encounters challenges but what matters is how you face and handle your challenges. Why some people are more successful than others can be traced to how they handle their life challenges from the foundation.

Once a man is born, there are certain forces which rise against the man to oppose his purpose in life and to make him fall. When the man succumbs to these forces, that is when he becomes a failure, but when he stands tall to overcome these forces, he can attain any height he wishes in life as long as grace is abundant.

Setbacks are common. As it is often said that a man may fall ten times and rise ten times, what matters is how you handle your setback so that it will not repeat itself. It is not an awesome experience at all that you should wish it happens in your life.

So many people are battling with setbacks which have been consistent in their lives, however, frustrating their endeavours. There are certain people who have given up on life because they have not experienced success in any of their ventures or endeavours.

The reasons some people have consistent setbacks in their lives could be because:

1. They have lost the mindset of optimism towards purpose because of several trials which tend to be futile. It is obvious that some people have lost the mindset of optimism towards purpose due to their first trials did not work. They nurture the feeling of fear or doubt which tends to kill their optimism towards purpose. These people, their initial trials which tend to be futile have made them to lose optimism in their pursuit and they believe that even if they try again it will not work out for them. They forget the fact that whatever you believe in is what you experience, therefore, since they doubt their possibility of making it, they fail to make it.

2. They are yet to take charge of their destiny with the power of God: when Jabez realized that he can take charge of his destiny and attenuate the plans of the devil in his life, the Bible expressed that Jabez prayed and he experienced an amazing change in his life. The reason you keep having setbacks in your life is because you are yet to take charge of your destiny just like Jabez did. Have you fasted and prayed? Have you called upon God with a broken heart? Have you entered into a covenant with God? When you fast and pray, call upon God with a broken heart and have a covenant with God, God will begin to set things right for you in a way you never imagined.

3. You are yet to make a positive change in life: change begins with decision and comes through transformation which is guided by discipline. You have to transform your life to please God so that God can have mercy on you and obliterate every power of the devil hindering your progress in life. Certain unwholesome attitudes can cause you setbacks. That is the reason you should lead an upright life in order to obtain the mercy of God so that you can experience success in your endeavours.

May God obliterate every setback in your life and bless your endeavours in Jesus name, Amen!

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