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Say These Good Night Prayers Before You Go To Bed Tonight (18/04/2021)

Everlasting father, we thank you for your goodness and favour upon us all,glory be unto your holy name in Jesus'name.... Tonight, the Lord will disgrace all your enemies. The supernatural power of God , shall disgrace Sickness out of your family by fire. Every challenges and Problems oppressing and frustrating your efforts and labour in life, shall be disgraced tonight in Jesus'name... Every worries and anxiety contending with your joy and happiness, shall be disgraced by fire in Jesus'name... Every cord of oppression and afflictions chaining down your testimony and breakthrough, shall be terminated by fire. The secret behind all your challenges and Problems, shall be revealed tonight, in Jesus'name....I command,every arrow fired at your Success, breakthrough and progress, shall be crushed by fire.every blessings and favour stolen from your family shall be restored in multiple folds. Every enemies waiting for your day of shame and disgrace, shall be crushed by fire in Jesus'name.... Every power saying where is your God, shall be consumed with fire in Jesus'name...I command, every spirit of limitation and embarassment assigned to stagnate and frustrate your destiny shall be crushed by fire in Jesus'name...I surround your family with the fire from above,the light of God shall overshadow your family with fire, in Jesus'name.. every power working against your family tonight, shall catch fire in Jesus'name... The presence of God shall continue to abide by your household. Every haters of your goodness and Success, shall be disgraced by fire in Jesus'name.... Every obstacle on your way to elevation and advancement, shall be crushed by fire. Every bondage of sickness, frustration, failure and embarassment, shall be shattered by fire in the name of Jesus Christ .. every power assigned to monitor your progress, Success, Breakthrough and advancement shall catch fire in Jesus'name... The Lord will turn your wilderness experience to overflowing Blessings experience in Jesus'name.... PROPHETIC DECLARATION...... [1[ the Lord will close every evil gates before your family, in Jesus name... [2[every form of emptiness in your life, in be filled with Blessings in Jesus'name...[3[ the great healer will heal every form of sickness in your life and family, in Jesus name...[4[ the Lord will remember your family for good tonight, in Jesus'name...[5[ every gang up against your family shall be consumed with fire, in Jesus'name...[6[ the covenant keeping God shall fulfil His purpose in your family, in the name of Jesus...[7[ the fire of God shall surround your household tonight and beyond, in Jesus'name..[8] every evil trap set before your family shall catch fire, in Jesus'name...[9[ every evil walls of frustration and disappointment before your family shall be crushed..[10] the divine purpose and intentions of God alone shall be established in your life and family tonight, in the name of Jesus.....

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