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20 Beautiful Igala names and their meaning for both boys and girls.

Igala tradition is a product of culture and an integral part of African culture. The concept of God is central to religion and therefore constitutes one of the central themes of the cultures in Africa in general. The Igala traditional concept of God is a belief in the Supreme Being whom they call Ọjọ.

The Igala Kingdom, also known as the Kingdom of Idah, Anẹ-Ìgàlá, is a pre-colonial West African state, North Central, Middle Belt, Nigeria. According to the first, the Igala people were named after the Yoruba word Igala, which means antelope, however, the antelope is called 'ochachakolo' in the Igala language. ... The Igalamela consists of nine Igala clans and the leader of the tribe is called “Onu-Igala.

The Igala names.




Ojonime----God owns breathe



Enyone------Good one

Iko Ojo------God's Time

Ojoma------God knows

Ojochegbe------Thank God

Ebi Ojo-------Seek from God

Enemaku-------Who don't die

Abalaka---------As we said/agreed


Aboh ---------To find out

Abunche---------What did I do?

Achemu------Lamb producer

Achenyo-------Good deed

Achimi------My cover

Achonu------A King maker


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