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4 Things that the Holy Bible Is

1. The Holy Bible is the Power of GOD unto eternal salvation and the source of present help, for spirit, soul and body. The Bible is the source of health and a mine of wealth ( Roman 1:16)

2. The Holy Bible is GOD'S will to men in all ages, revealing the GOD'S plan for man here and now, and in the next life. It will last forever. It will be opened at the judgement.

3. The Bible is the record of GOD'S dealings with man in the past, present and future. It contains GOD'S message of eternal salvation for all who believe in JESUS CHRIST, and eternal damnation for all who rebel against the gospel.

4. The Holy Bible is the only book that reveals the mind of GOD, the state of man, the way to salvation, the happiness of believers, and the doom of sinners. The Bible contain spiritual food to sustain, light to direct and comfort to encourage. Man should believe it to be safe, practice it to be holy and read it to be wise

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