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Start Your Second Sunday Of The Month With These Powerful Prayers

It's already another Sunday and this appears being the second one in the month of April. This is why I would be imploring you all to start your second Sunday of the month with the following powerful prayers.

First, remember you are lucky to be alive today because there are many who wish to but couldn't due to reasons best known to God. So, the first prayer you should make is to thank God immensely for keeping you till this moment.

Secondly, you need to pray for your loved ones today. Ask God to bless your family and loved ones. Ask God to make the love between you and them stronger than one can imagine.

Thirdly, this is the second Sunday of this month, request that God keeps you alive to witness the forthcoming ones. Ask him sincerely what you need and why you need them. After asking, you'd be hopeful strongly that he would consider your request acceptable if they are good for you. Always remember that although we plan but God is the best of planners.

Lastly, always pray for the progress of the environment you find yourself. Tell God to make things right around you and guide those leading you because their decisions definitely have effect on your welfare or that of your loved ones. Pray for grace, mercy and blessing.

These are the prayers you need to commence this Sunday. Till I come your way next time. Please note that all the pictures are sourced from Google.

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