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What You Don't Know About Crucify Life Of Christ

A crucified life is a life that has Dominion over the old nature. A life that has become new from the inner man. When we say we have a crucified life, we refer to the inward part of man and from thence, comes the urge to obey all the instructions of God without seeing them as grievous.

Paul Apostle for a long time persecuted the church but when he met salvation, he begins to preach the same time Jesus he had once persecuted and then he proclaims the fact that his old self has been replaced by the life of God. 

I am crucified with Christ. On this note, one will see that a crucified life is a life that has submitted totally to the command of God and it is a life that is not egocentric, it is a life that is totally free of sin and one doing everything to please God. It is a life that has been broken.

Manifestations of a crucified Life

We cannot choose to live for ourselves if we intend to please God. Once we decide to live our own kind of life, we are liable to commit sin since our flesh has nothing good to offer us. Having our lives crucified means that we will live the God's kind of life which is good of sin.

God wants us to be perfect as he doesn't want us to live in our sinful nature. We can only accomplish his will for us to have a sinless life by taking up his life. Sin is disastrous and can utterly destroy the plan of God for one's life.

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