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Reasons Why Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Was Right about Eating in A Dream

As Africans, and as Christians, we pay attention to dreams. We take dreams as a means through which God communicate to us as his servants. Unlike the atheist, Christians seek deeper meaning of dreams.

However, most Christian preachers interpret eating in a dream as a sign of demonic siege on a person. Some of those preachers have taken it as the "aim" of their ministrations- casting out demons from christians who eat in their dreams.

But is it really wrong for one to eat in one's dreams? One of the videos of Pastor Chris Bible teachings I found on YouTube suggests that there is nothing wrong with a Christian eating in a dream.

Pastor Chris, as it may interest you to know is one of the finest Bible teachers in the world. As a good Bible teacher, he studies a given topic carefully before handling it.

According to the great Bible teacher, a christian should not feel bad after eating in a dream- since from the book of "Genesis" to "Revelation", there was no instance of a demon giving a food to a christian.The direction of the message is that only Angels can give a Christian food in a dream.

Obviously, the great Bible teacher was right. This is because God prepares a table before one who serves him. If a demon should prepare a table at all, it should not be for a christian- it should only be for those who serve demons.


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