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4 major things you must avoid if you are hoping in God for miracles and blessings

Often times in life, we are found in between the devil and the deep blue sea. In such cases, we know already that the only thing that can save us is a miracle, not just a normal process. It is basically at such junctures in life that people run back to their religion, to call on whoever they worship to come for a rescue.

Lady praying and waiting on God.

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However, we who believe in God are usually the most privileged because we know we serve a living God who is able and always willing to show his mighty works through us. It is therefore easy for us to pray and make necessary sacrifices and then in turn hopefully wait on God to grant our own heart desires.

In waiting for God therefore, there are things one must certainly avoid in order not to miss the answers to their prayers. This is because the answers to your prayers may not come in the way you expect them or from the people you are looking up to, so it is necessary to keep watch on every corner.

Below are the four major things to avoid while waiting for God's blessings and miracles.

No. 1 - Avoid owing people

This is usually a neglected attitude that renders many people into troubles they know nothing about. Owing people while praying to God to pay you, to bless you, to honour you or to show you mercy is so wrong, most especially when you are doing better than the people you are owing.

The money you owe someone may be what they are hoping on to sort some personal needs, and it is more painful when you know that your debtor can pay but has heartlessly refused to pay. This may lead them to be making prayers and wishes that counters your own prayers while you are in your house hoping for an answered prayer.

No. 2 - Avoid keeping malice and grudges

Anger in itself is a very important tool of the enemy when he wants to deal with a man. Malice is a product of anger, when you start planning on how to revenge for what was done against you, without knowing wether the help you are praying for will come from your acclaimed enemy.

It is pertinent to state that your help may come from the person you least expected, they may be the source or an avenue to the source of your solution. So in times of waiting, be at peace with everyone so that your blessings will come boundlessly.

No. 3 - Avoid backbiting others

This is usually a silent, subtle but very deadly attitude that should be avoided even when you are not waiting for a miracle. Speaking evil of people at their backs but smiling at them when they show up is another form of witchcraft.

It is therefore a dent to your personality as your help may come from someone you have spoken evil of in the past and he may has happened to hear it. Undoubtedly, they would like to show you that what you said in the past is only a tip of the iceberg.

No. 4 - Avoid fights (both physical and verbal fights)

Everybody wants peace, including those who are controversial in nature. It will therefore be easier for people to work with you when you are peaceful and easy-going than when you are a fighting and nagging type.

Avoid getting into verbal clashes with strangers for you may meet them again at your point of need. Give everyman his due respect and try as much as possible to be at peace with yourself and then with everyone else. If you do this, many other things will surely fall in place.

Finally, avoid sin. Sin is the only things that takes us away from God and denies us of His countless promises.

May everyone get all that their hearts earnestly desire that is according to the will of God.

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