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Make Sure You Say This Prayer Today, To Make Your Destiny Helper Locate You (19-07-2020).

King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Emmanuel, The Greatest Man In Battle, Son Of David, God Of Jacob, Isaac, And Abraham...Father Lord ,I have Come Once Again This Day and I Still Wish To Be Coming Often To Say Thank You Lord I, For You Have All This Great Things For Me, O God May Your Name Be Forever Praise Lord in the mighty name of Jesus.

O God, I Pray and I ask you this day that You Will Connect me with the So called Person, that will Change the Story Of My Life To Greatness Today in the mighty name of Jesus.

Father Lord, The Time Of my Sorrow is OK, I don't want to Cry Anymore... Baba, Put a stop to all the Bitterness in my life Today in the mighty name of Jesus.

Precious king, O Lord I decree and declare that wherever my helper is being Hidden that we haven't Get Connected all this while in which the ones in the village and kingdom of darkness has created between us and is Causing Afflictions for my life... I command you to hear and Obey the word of God Today, as you will be Perfectly Destroyed and Rendered Powerless Today in the mighty name of Jesus.

Every Satanic Activities That has been done, to hinder the Time of my Glory and Goodness in Life For Coming To Pass... Father Lord I destroy it now by the Heavenly Thunder in the mighty name of Jesus.

Every Demonic and Satanic Gatherings, Because of me, That has been Monitoring the Time Of Glory from Shining And Coming To Fulfill... I Scatter You Right now with The Fire of the Holy Ghost And Thunder, in the mighty name of Jesus.

You Monitoring Spirit, Chosen to follow me wherever I go to and that has been making every Opportunity to Change to Sorrow and Bitterness for me...i destroy you Today, in the mighty name of Jesus.

Father Lord whatever hindrances the Devil and his Followers Might be Using as a Barrier between me and my Destiny Helper, I destroy it right now in the mighty name of Jesus.

Every Stoppage between us, be destroy now in the mighty name of Jesus.

Every Person Claiming to be Powerful than I am, that has been Afflicting and Threatening the Greatness of my Life in a Prison, Saying I won't come out to be Someone in Life, O God I destroy this Evil Person or Persons with Such A Destructive Thought and Attitude Towards me Today, in The Mighty name of Jesus.

you Wicked ones that have imprisoned my Helper and Glory, from Fulfilling The Will Of God in my Life, because I believe In HIM and for I have Known the Son Of Whom I Am and That I Served... I declare Freedom to my Destiny Helper, my Glory, and my Life Today in Every Satanic Bondage I Might Have been all this while and That has been Chasing Golden Opportunities away from me Today, in the mighty name of Jesus.

Thank you Lord Jesus for you have answered all my prayers... 1st Thessalonians 1:1

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Abraham David Emmanuel Jacob Jesus


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