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"Your sins should go before you, It should not go after you to judgement" - Pastor Kumuyi Says

The General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor W.F Kumuyi spoke about "The Divine Charge of Ministers of God" during a recent Leadership Program. explain to them the Divine charge and the reasons why they have to abide by it. He also told them reasons why their sins should go before them in judgement and why it should not follow after them. Read from the book of 1Timothy 5:24 which says:

"Some men's sins are open beforehand, going before to judgement; and some men they follow after"

  There is always a possibility that you could fall into sin, but are we going to allow those sins to go before us into judgement or are you going to allow them to follow after us? The man of God said that after listening to a message, as in strikes and convicts us and they will immediately cry to the Lord. If you need to do a restitution you can do it beforehand. Though you could be rebuked and everything looks opened, but your conscience is clear and the sin has not gone beforehand to judgement because it has been erased. You will definitely not be judged by it because you have done all you needed to do.

  Unfortunately some men's sins follow after them like a shadow. They will not repent despite the fact that their conscience is judging them. They are aware of the impending judgement but they cannot face the judgement of men, they cannot face the consequence and they cannot make it opened. They feel ashamed to tell elderly man of God what they did; they hold the sin, until they die in it. 

 On the day of judgement everything now comes open, you didn't judge yourself now you will be judged. it will definitely not be a funny scenario because everybody will be there. the same followed after you into judgement.

  In conclusion, as ministers of God, let us do all we need to do and repent of all besetting sins and God will have mercy on us in Jesus name

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