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2 Nigerian men of God who are Stylish

It has become a norm in some Churches that their pastors should be dressing in suits. In those Churches, their pastors mostly dress in suits because that seems to be more formal to them than every other wear. The truth is that there are many other clothes pastors can dress on and look more stylish.

Some pastors on their own might even choose not to be stylish with reasons best known to them. In today's article, I want to take you through the worlds of 2 stylish pastors we have in this country. These pastors don't depend on suits alone as they embrace other stylish wear.

1. Pastor Korede Komaiya.

Pastor Korede, born in 1970 is the Overseer of "Master's Place International Church" in Warri, Delta State. There is something special about this man of God when it comes to Fashion. He is versatile and knows how to choose his fashion styles.

He is the kind of Man that whatever he puts on fits him perfectly. He doesn't depend on suits alone as he rocks "Agbada" and other good fashionable clothes you can think of. First of all, let us check him out in suits;

Have you seen that? Now, let us move on and check him out on others;

2. Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin.

Prophet Jerry, born in 1971 is the overseer of "Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry" in Warri, Delta State. This man of God is the definition of swag. He is that dynamic type of Man of God who dresses like the man that he is and also like a young boy.

There are two major ways he loves dressing; he dresses in suits and also dresses in casual wear. The end product is that he does take fashion to the next level. Let us take a look at him in suits;

Seen that too? Now let us take a look at him doing it the other way round;

So tell me, which of them is more fashionable? Please, share.

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