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Husband and wife relationship

I love my wife but I respect God more than her, she knows - Dr Paul Enenche

There are people who will cancel a church appointment in favour of a big business appointment; there are those who will cancel a spiritual engagement in the favour of a social engagement. There are those who will not come to church because a football match is playing or their popular TV show is showing. Beloveth brothers and sisters, God weighs and judges these things. We must come to the point where there is nothing under Heaven that you respect and reverence more than you respect and reverence God. 

I love my wife but I respect God more than her, she knows. She loves me but she respect God more than me, I know and I am aware of that. One day the wife of Smith Wigglesworth was going to church and the husband kept on interrupting her before he gave his life to Christ and the wife, Polly Wigglesworth told the husband; you are my husband but Jesus is my Lord. I will respect you but I will obey my Lord. Church Gist. Beloveth brothers and sisters, is there anybody or anything you respect and reverence more than God? That thing or that person has taken the place of God in your life? The fear of the Lord is existence with the sense of healthy reverence and respect for God.

2. It is existence with abhorrence for unrighteousness and an attraction for righteousness. It is existence with an allergy to evil; you are allergic to evil and addicted to good. Simply put; you hate what God hates and you love what God loves. You don't walk in the counsel of the ungodly, you don't stand in the ways of sinners, you don't sit in the seat of the scornful (Psalm 1:1-3). 

It is not possible to fear God and be comfortable with the company of evil. Church Gist. The guy hanging around you is a killer, you know him but you are comfortable with him. The person living with you is living on men to survive and you are okay, that guy is a 419, a gambler, you know him and you are comfortable with him. No, it is not possible. You are allergic to unrighteousness, addicted to righteousness. It is very difficult for me to shake hands with a man who carries a cigarette in his hand, how? You won't even come with that smoke. There are those who are fully at home in the company of the ungodly, wicked people are their companions. The fear of the Lord is to hate evil. You may not stop evil but you hate it.

They are giving bribe where you are; you may not be able to stop it but you hate from your heart.

Dr Pastor Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Centre on 'UNDERSTANDING THE FEAR OF THE LORD' at 1st Service, Glory Dome.

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