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What You Must Know When a Muslim Dies.

The "Seal of the Prophets" is a sacred text in the Qur'an which outlines the funeral practices in Islam. The urban muslims who reside in Mecca in Muhammad's time required that burials are conducted due to the fact that Muslim laws prohibit the cremation of the remains of the dead.

According to this law the dead must be buried within hours after death or before sundown even if relatives cannot attend. If death occurs late in the afternoon, it could be buried the next day compulsory before sundown while a candle is lit to ward of evil spirits.The reason for a quick burial is that a corpse is believed to be unclean and could bring defilement.

When traditional burials take place, palm leaves are used to cover such bodies. If the deceased owes anyone, such a debt is paid immediately or through Zakah funds from the Muslim community.

A Muslim should declare that he believes in the Oneness of Allah and say "There is no deity save Allah." on his death bed.

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