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Bishop Oyedepo Rebukes Christians Who Still Support APC

Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church, has once again rebuked Christians who still support the APC government, and by extension, the APC presidential candidates, for the general elections.

During his sermon at the Covenant Hour of Prayer meeting today, he spent some time rebuking people who claim to believe the Bible, and still support the APC.

He started by declaring that he had not changed his stance on the APC led government since they began their campaigns in 2015.

"I have not changed my words about this wicked government since 2015," he said

He urged Christians to allow their conscience to come alive before they vote.

"Let your conscience come alive. When the wicked rule the people mourn. You know that. You claim to believe the Bible. And we are also guided by scriptures on who and who qualifies to lead. Able men. Capacity. Such as fear God. Who believe in justice and equity. He who rules over men must be just. You're following after the unjust and you're smiling, what Bible do you believe?

"Men of truth. Integrity. They say it there today, you find it there tomorrow. Hating covetousness. Not looters. Mark them yourself. If there are four people rate them on that. I told our pastor yesterday, mark them yourself.

You say you believe the Bible, but yet you are casting your vote against the Bible," he said.

He rebuked the APC about their presenting a Muslim-Muslim ticket, warning that a particular religion or tribe should not be allowed to dominate over others. He declared that the Muslim-Muslim ticket is just a test for further destruction of federal character.

"This Muslim-Muslim ticket is just a test. Don't be surprised if you see Fulani-Fulani ticket. Hausa-Hausa ticket. Local governments will become the heritage of some families. No tribe owns Nigeria. The presidency is not a traditional stool; no tribe should have to beg to be president," he said.

What are your thoughts on this? Share them in the comments. Be blessed.

Click here and skip to 58 minutes of the video to hear the Bishop's exact words.

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