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Early morning prayer

In this article,I will be giving you something special about early morning prayer. Prayer is said to be the master key to all doors.if you're having a financial problem, spiritual problem, childlessness, depression, anxiety, success and so on. The best way to over those challenges is to pray and have faith in the prayer. Now I will explain to you about the early morning prayer.

All you have to do is that before you sleep at night,get a bow of water and keep it outside of the house. The water will be exposed to the atmospheric changes before the morning. In the morning before going to get the water back inside the house. Make sure you don't speak with anyone and don't let your hand touch the water in the bow. Once you get the water inside the house,take out your Bible or Quran, recite any verse related to your problem and afterward,pray as much as you can silent into the water. When you're done with the prayer, drink as much as you can and add the remaining water to your bathing water. After all the processes,have faith that things will change for better in your life.

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