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“How To Stop Satan From Manipulating You”- Apostle Joshua Selman

“Satan can manipulate you the moment he sees that you are praying over a challenge in your life. When he has seen that you have dedicated time to seek the lord, he withdraws that challenge temporarily so that you will stop praying. You will take the withdrawal to be victory established because he knows you will never seek God until there is trouble. So the moment there is challenge and you set yourself to seek the lord, you will see a temporarily victory and say “it’s done”. So you continue in that low level and think you are safe whereas he is waiting for a time when you will go so down that he can strike you in a way that will matter."

"There are all kinds of manipulation. If I get up today as a man of God and I believe that every other church and every other ministry in Zaria is wasting God’s time except me, that stage is already a sign of progress in attack. If I believer that am the most anointed man of God in Zaria and every other person especially our fathers and reverends are just talkative and wasting God’s time, then it’s a sign of attack. That I could conceive that vanity and agree in my heart and convince my myself “that is the state” is already a sign that am already a victim of manipulation. Dishonor to the body is a product of this kind of attack. Dishonor to constituted authority is also a product of this type of attack. The pride that comes with the result of spirituality is a product of this kind of attack. The fact that you use financial prosperity only as the chief proof of the word of God working for you a big deception. I believe in prosperity and success but the church of the lord Jesus Christ needs to be wind away from the deception that prosperity alone is proof that things are going on well in your life in terms of financial abundance."

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