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Catholic church have so many errors - Daddy Freeze fires back

Nigerian On Air Personality, Daddy Freeze has Started to an ongoing debate about whether or not the celebration of Christmas is biblical.

Earlier this week, a Pentecostal Pastor Said that there no trace of Christmas in the Bible and that he and his church will no longer celebrate it.

A renowned Catholic priest responded to this claim and stated that most of the Christian festivals have no biblical trace so singling out just Christmas is wrong.


However, Daddy Freeze has commented on this and in his comments, he accused the Catholic church of syncretizing pagan beliefs into the gospel of Christ.

He asked the Catholic priest to keep quiet and sit somewhere.

Read what Daddy Freeze wrote below;

“Addressing this in 30mins on YouTube

The catholic priest should keep quiet!

In my opinion the Catholic Church is responsible for both the Romanizing of the church and the syncretizing of pagan beliefs into the gospel of Christ.

I stand with Odukoya on this particular matter.

If the Catholic Church didn’t have so many errors and didn’t teach the ideas of men as commands from God, would there have been so many factions breaking out of the church, with Pentecostalism being the youngest of these, established by Charles Parham & William Seymour about a 100 years ago?

He should refer to my response to Mike Bamiloye on the matter.

Dear Mike Bamiloye,

This is a very unscholarly write up that has no recourse to scripture or spirit, rather, it’s doused with the fire of sentiment and emotion, formed on the crucible of false pagan doctrines syncretized with the traditions of men, moreso aimed at the scripturally destitute and the intellectually inferior, in my opinion.

How can you say that the world has dedicated a day for Christ to be celebrated?

So it is now the world that dictates how and when the Lord is to be worshiped?🙄

Please indulge me, show me a single scripture, any at all, where Christ celebrated a birthday, or asked anyone Jew or Gentile, to celebrate any birthday at all. After his resurrection, can you show me where the disciples celebrated any birthday at all, or the birthday of Christ?

There are 929 chapters in the Old Testament, while there are 260 chapters in the New Testament, at least one must contain an instruction to the church, a concession of a disciple or apostle, the words of God or Christ, or anything at all that justifies this pagan feast of revelry that you are here promoting.

Birthdays are pagan, DEAL WITH IT!

There are only two examples of birthday celebrations in the entire bible; one in the Old Testament, where the sun god worshipping pharaoh killed his chief baker (Gen40:22), the other in the New Testament, where John the Baptist was beheaded at a pagan birthday party held by Herod.

When Christ heard that his cousin John was killed, he was very sad and went away to be by himself”.

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