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The Freedom Nigeria Needs Now

The freedom I need is within me. A freedom to being me. A freedom to my undisguised cultural identity and tongue as an Original African of the Niger Congo ethnolinguistic family.

A freedom from Abrahamic religious and academic dogma to understand that I evolved as a human in Southern Nigeria, the true Eden, where my ancestors created the world’s first religion and knowledge bank known as Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa.

A freedom from spiritual slavery that makes me worship God in the image of my ancestors conquerors.

A freedom to identify and associate as an Original African, not defined and constricted by the 1800s European concept of nationstates used to colonize my ancestors for expolitation.. Nor a Pan tribal identity induced by the anarchy, arms race for slavery.

A freedom from the confines of the Berlin Conference that cut the Original African civilization into Nigeria and 53 other foreign defined borders and their custom checkpoints that unfairly restricts my movement and trade across the Original African civilization, while giving Eurasians a free hand across Africa.

A freedom that is in the process of being further restricted by Pan Tribalists demanding their own nationstates of Biafra, Odua or whatever name to further restrict my freedoms with un-African concepts that don’t understand that we speak a mere continuum of dialects from Nigeria to South Africa.

A freedom from the mental and cultural slavery that breeds self hate, poor work ethics, racial inferiority complex, tribal jealousies, hatred and intolerance that all ultimately prevents my Original African family to stand strong and united against European and Afroasiatic imperialism.

The freedom I need is within me, understanding my cultural identity, linkages and aspirations, and unifying the Original African civilization for global Black ascendancy and racial parity.

My freedom to dream and actualize my strutting across a loose continentwide confederacy of self determinated citystates from the Western Coast of Africa to Southern coast of Africa and the African Diaspora coasts.

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