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2 Things About Adeboye That Has Not Changed For A Very Long Time

Image credit: Nairaland

The General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A. Adeboye is a man loved by many, mostly because of his unique nature. This great man of God has been able to distinguish himself from the crowd in diverse ways. The way he presents his sermons, his dressing style, and even the way he addresses people are simply unparalleled. 

The way many famous people carry themselves is oftentimes interpreted as 'antics' the rich use to blind the unsuspecting eyes of the simple. Though the insinuation may be correct for some people, it, however, does not seem to be the same with Adeboye.

For example, some things we see Adeboye do today have nothing to do with status, they are things he has been doing for a very long time. In this article, I will be sharing two of his old habits that have not changed.

His Habit Of Always Holding A Tambourine 

Those that know Adeboye can testify that the most common object you can find with him is his tambourine. When on transit or in the church, even if he is not holding a Bible, you will always see him with his tambourine.

This habit of always holding his tambourine is not a new practice. As shown in his old photo below, Adeboye has always been a tambourine man, even before he came to the limelight. 

Image credit: Facebook

Being a tambourine holding pastor has always portrayed him as a man that always praises God. Many people believe this is one of the secrets of his greatness.

His Hairstyle 

It's a societal norm today that some hairstyles are for young people, while some others are suitable for old folks. So we see people changing from one hairstyle to another as they grow older. 

Image credit: Facebook

That is, however, not the case with Adeboye. If you compare his old photos and those of recent times, you will discover he has maintained the same hairstyle as an elder just as he did as a young man. 

Having discovered these great traits in the life of this Reverend Clergyman, what advice would you give to young ministers of today?

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