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Lay your right hand on your chest, Say these Powerful Thursday Prayers for Testimonies

Wherever you are this Thursday, Lift up your voice and Say these Powerful Prayers. And God will surely put a smile on your Face, he will give you a living testimony. All those mockers of your life and endeavours will be surely disappointed and Frustrated.

Begin your prayers with these Worship Songs.

* All the glory must be unto the Lord for he his worthy of our praise, no man on Earth should give glory to him self. All the glory must be unto the Lord. 

*Jehovah is your name 3x. Mighty warrior, great in battle. Jehovah is your name.

Begin to Declare his Wonderful Names. He alone is worthy to be praised. He is the ancients of days, the King of Kings. There's none like our God. Thank him for his goodness upon your life, preserving you throughout the day and Night. Providing abundantly for you and your Family. Granting you unmerited Favour and Blessings on daily basis.

Lay your right hand on your chest and Say these Powerful Prayers. 

Oh Lord, is there any anyway I have come short of your expectations, through my actions, deeds, thoughts and associations. Oh Lord pardon and cleanse me, let your blood on the Cross of Calvary not be in vain in my life. Pardon and forgive me in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Oh Lord, intervene in my life and all that concerns me. Cause every work of the wicked to be discomfited in my life in Jesus Name.

Oh Lord arise on my behalf, and scatter every evil thoughts, plans and programs that will bring shame and sorrow. Let them never come to pass in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Oh God of vengeance, expose every friends, colleagues, family members with evil intention concerning my life and Progress. They are waiting to see my failure, waiting to see my business crumble. Spying my liberty and blessings, oh Lord arise and fight for me in Jesus Name.

Oh Lord, burn down every evil covering hindering my marriage, my breakthrough, my fruit of the womb. Oh Lord scatter and destroy such covering this moment in Jesus Name.

Oh Lord provide abundantly for all my needs, let me not lack what to eat. Let me never beg and borrow, you are great provider. Do what no man can do for me in Jesus Name.

Oh God protect my going out and coming in. Deliver me from every trap of the wicked let me not be a victim to Kidnappers and ritualist. Shield and cover me with your precious Blood in Jesus Name. 

Seal your prayers with a Powerful AMEN BELOW, kindly share immediately and follow at the top for more powerful prayers daily. 

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