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A Dead Man keep Popping Up From The Grave In My Village

I keep wondering, how this traditional beliefs works.

How the beliefs of our forefathers still work to date.

I am from Edo state of Nigeria. In my village, we believed that, when someone dies, from his or her grave, we will know weather he or she did good on earth. We will understand from he grave weather he or she was an evil man or woman.

On my village, we don't Bury people in the Bush, rather at home.

See images below.


We bury people in at home which could be in the parlour, living room, in the compound, behind the person house or in from of the person's house.

Once a person is buried, if that person did a lot of evil deeds, his or her grave will either, push down or crack. Or you might even see a deep hole in it.

Once cracked, the children have to buy a nanny goat to appeal for him or her.

We believed that, if an evil man or women dies, it can't rain in our village that day. No matter what.

But if it's rained, that person is a good man or woman.

We also believe in my village, that a young boy or girl can't die without a spiritual cause. If so, the elders have to find out what causes it, if the parents wish to.

Though, we believed that God can't kill or it is not true for a young man or woman to die, if he or she is not old.

In my village, a lot of people lives up to 100 plus.

When you come to my village, you will see a lot of old men and women who are up to 100+ years old.

How a dead man keep Popping up from his grave.

This man was known to be a traditionalist. He neither go to church or mosque.

This man is known to have a lot of charms, juju which he took as his gods.

Even when it is raining, this man walks through the rain and you will never see a drop of rain on him.

Cutlasses, knifes, bottles neither cut or pear him.

He can cook a yam without fire. He is known to cook yams with incantations.

He publicly point out witches and wizards. He is not afraid of them.

As a results, he is believed to have a lot of enemies which are witches and wizards.

Most witches and wizards are known to be afraid of him because, a lot of them who tried to fight him, either dies or run mad.

This man was now 105 years old when he died without falling sick.

He died allowed 6pm in the evening and he was buried same day.

The next day morning, people went to observe his grave as usual, to know weather his deeds was bad or good.

This man was found on top of his grave. His grave opened and he was found outside his grave.

I should have share the pictures with you guyz but no one was allowed to snap. And a lot of people where even afraid to do that.

As some people where saying "what happened in our village remains in our village".

See images of my village below.

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My questions is how do those things works? I mean the traditional belief.

Do you have any transactional beliefs that exist in your village till date?

Let us know in the comment box below.

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