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Why Good Attitude is More Powerful than fervent Prayers.

I have been looking for the relationship between living a Prayerful Life and having Good Attitudes. Before now, those questions rumbling in my heart were:

1.    is it acceptable to God for a person to be doing just the work of God alone, even if he abandons his responsibilities to humanity?

2.    if I perform all the godly rituals and yet have no good records with men, is that still acceptable to God?

3.    does God value prayers that lack good attitudes? 

4.    what does God really cherish most, Prayers, offering or attitude?

5 should a man not care about what people say, whether good or bad?

The questions go on and on. See, we are living in a society where despite the heavy presence of churches (here and there), there is still overwhelming occurrences of evil acts (of different dynamics). Most times people hardly have sound sleep because of prayers and church programmes. Yet, some shocking things are still happening among brethren. We have great number of churches and still great amount of problems. Talk of betrayal, cheating, sexual abuse, malpractices, stealing, defrauding, disappointment, hatred, malice, divorce, murder, slandering, gossip, covetousness, fornication, adultery, idolatry, charm …just to mention few, are the practices we see in the life of same purported holy ghost carrying brothers and sisters we have in the churches of nowadays.

For example, consider a situation where a married woman who has no respect for her husband is calling her church pastor “my lord”. We also have ushers who have no manner of approach and yet expect compliance and respect, as in reciprocal. We see instrumentalists who have been consumed by pride and fornication. Same thing goes to bosses, who are even pastors or assistant pastors in their churches, but ill-treat their subordinate. What about those who buy things on credit or borrow money but never pay back? Find out those keeping malice, fighting and abusing people on the street; they are the same people who hardly miss church programs. A man once said, “If this is how Christians behave, I rather died as an unbeliever than join same faith’’

Godliness begins with our relationship with men. How do you talk to/with people, do you season the words you utter? How do you treat people, do people feel happy or loved after interacting with you? Have we say you have love for humanity? Can people say you are a true Christian by acts? Do you really treat people with respect, love and kindness? If you cannot love the people around you, it means you have no love for God. Love is the greatest commandment and God is love. That means, the best way to love God is to love men; and if you don't love men, how do you expect to receive from God? Remember the story of Dorcas (Tabitha. Read Acts 9:36-42) in the bible (who was benevolent and loved the people around her with her resources), it was her relationship with men that attracted the attention of heaven; not her prayerful life, righteousness or holiness. How do the people around you see you, what do they know you for? How do people perceive you? Your attitudes towards people, are they good or bad? My dear, prayerful life without positive attitudes cannot command heavenly results. Why? You may ask. It is because Jesus commanded us to be the salt of the earth. Not the salt of the Heaven. He said, “You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how can its saltiness be restored? It is not good for anything any longer but to be thrown out and trodden underfoot by men” -Matthew 5:13.

God values our interpersonal relationship than every service we can render to Him. Jesus gave his life for humanity, not the angels in heaven. God values man so much (even more than the angels in heaven), that is the more reason we should show God that we love Him by showing love and kindness to the man He created in his image and redeemed by His blood. So, I will conclude by saying, if your prayerful life has not been commanding reasonable results, check your attitude towards men. For God to accept your love for Him, you have to love man?

What is your take on this, do you see attitude to be supreme or prayers?

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