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The Tests And Trails That Strengthen Christians Faith

The Christian faith or religion is a belief of the existence of the life,time and miracles of Jesus Christ. It is believed that on the day of judgment,he would rise again to seperate the living and the dead (righteous and unrighteous).

Thus,there are criterias to attain before one can be fully called a Christian,therefore,boost in and strengthening their faith.

Repentance: To be a well acclaimed christian,one must repent of all his/her evil deeds,as it is said that the unrighteous shall not enter the kingdom of God.

Prayer: Regular prayer invites the presence of God.One must pray regularly in order to attain a certain level of spirituality.It is also evident that prayer is the key and most needed attraction of a christian.

Adherence to the biblical teachings:This means paying apt attention and giving respect to teachings of the Bible.The Holy Bible serves as a guide to all Christians.Whatever one is looking for,the answer is always in the Bible.

Abstinence from sin: In the Christian doctrine(teaching),"sin" is the greatest fall of man.Although there is repentance,but sin is a great downfall,and one must absolutely from it.

Love: Love here means loving people around you,and treating others as you would treat yourself."Love your neighbor as thyself".

Obedience: Obedience is one of the key warnings in the Christian faith.It is stated in the ten commandments,that "Obey your parents,and you shall live long".Obedience in the Bible is attributed to long life,and so,a christian must be obedient.

Forgiveness: God forgave us. He expects us to forgive others. We must even forgive the same person repeatedly if they repent. This revelation stings the world.

Forgiveness is one of the most challenging duties of the Christian life. It is contrary to fleshly wisdom. It requires elevation of petty feelings of offense, anger, malice, and revenge.

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