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Great men who feared mathematics

There were great men who thought mathematics was their problem. I don’t think it was because they wouldn’t even have been scientists or inventors at all if it was actually true. For the fact that we are humans and maths is in nature, the dictum about mathematics being difficult is nothing but a fallacy.

Thomas Edison feared maths until his death after he attempted going through one of Newton’s work. As cited, Edison once said, “I can always hire a mathematician, but they can’t hire me.” I believe it is now clear that he wasn’t actually scared of the actual maths, but he was rather scared of Newton’s way of explaining it.

Alexander Graham Bell was somehow afraid of maths. He cared only about cramming it rather than practicing it. And this didn’t go well with him, for his maths grades weren’t impressive until he died.

Charles Darwin, despite being a naturalist, had a spite for maths. He even had to hire a private tutor to see if something could be done about the situation. But at the end, Darwin gave up just because he felt he couldn’t cope and that the subject was mundane.

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