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Meet Lil Miquela, The Female Robot Who Can Eat, Drink And Sing Like You

We are slowly getting to the point where advancement in technology will reach its optimal capabilities. Already, technology has helped us a great deal especially by creating robots that can do work twice as fast and efficiently as an human would.

But robots are not just created for doing work humans would rather not do. They are actually some robots that are created for showbiz. One of them is Lil Miquela, a robot created by Trevor McFedries and Sara Decohu. This robot is not for industrial use; instead, it works as a social media influencer and a musician. Can you believe that?!

Miquela is probably the world's most human-like robot. Apart from looking strikingly human-like, this robot can eat, drink, talk with friends and even hang out. These are all things an human can do.

Really? A robot that can talk, eat and even drink? We are not kidding you. Miquela can do all these with relative ease. She is often questioned about her her status; is she robot or human pretending to be robot. Her answer has always been the former.

Lil Miquela is probably one of the only few humanoid robots that have a regularly updated Instagram account. Her social media page has over 3 million followers! That's higher than some celebrities.

This robot is not human though; she still needs batteries to be capable of performing. Her batteries must also be charged regularly. Check out some pictures of Lil Miquela;

Photo Credit: [email protected]

With the way the technology is advancing every day, we may well get a robot that can reproduce and give birth to robots of its own. Do you think this is possible? Comment below.

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