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Meet Atlas, The Humanoid Robot That Can Dance

The humanoid Atlas and dog shaped Spot Robots by Boston Dynamics can do plenty things including parkour, backflips, washing dishes, sprinting, gymnastics routines and so much more.

In a video shared by the company in late 2020, all of their robots are shown dancing; the human shaped "Atlas", the dog shaped "Spot" and the "Handle" robots. They were all dancing to "Do you love me" by The Contours.

In the video, the humanoid Atlas robots are seen smoothly running, shuffling, jumping and twirling effortlessly.

View the video here:

The Atlas robot is a bipedal robot in the shape of a human being, developed by Boston Dynamics, and American Robotics Company. They got funding from the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. It was first designed for search and rescue tasks and was later unveiled in 2013.

The company originally started The Massachusetts Institute Of Technology in 1992, where it gained popularity for it's dog shaped robots. It was first purchased by Alphabet’s X division in 2013, and then reacquired by SoftBank in 2017. It was recently bought from SoftBank for a whopping $1.1 billon by Hyundai.

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Atlas Boston Dynamics Humanoid Robot That Can Spot


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