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What Scientist Discovers About Gray Hair

Although grey hair is a natural part of ageing, scientists have long pondered the exact mechanism by which hair pigment is lost.

According to webMD, recent research has shed light on this phenomenon and revealed the real reason why hair goes grey.

It turns out that hair does not 'go grey', but that pigment is lost due to a decrease in the production of melanin, the pigment that gives hair its colour.

This occurs when the melanin-producing cells in the hair follicle stop working properly or die completely.

Scientists have also found that the process of becoming grey is linked to the production of hydrogen peroxide, a chemical that is naturally produced in the body.

As we age, our ability to break down hydrogen peroxide diminishes, allowing it to accumulate in hair follicles and inhibit melanin production.

Other factors such as heredity, stress, smoking and certain medical conditions can cause premature greying of hair.

There is no cure for grey hair, but a range of treatments are available to slow the progression of grey hair, including hair dyes, supplements and lifestyle changes.

Overall, discovering the true mechanism of grey hair is an important step in understanding the ageing process.

It also provides a basis for further research into methods of treatment and prevention of grey hair, an unpleasant symptom of ageing.

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