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Check Out The Main Reasons Why Planes And Bird Don't Fly In Mecca

The Kaaba which is also known as Mecca is the earth's center. It is perfectly balanced in the middle of the earth, with no deviations or deformations. Because it is the center of gravity, the magnetic charges in this area are naturally drawn to it. This is the first spot where you can greet the sunrise.

For these reasons, as well as the fact that the Kaaba is the Earth's center of gravity. The Kaaba is considered sacred and also it is hard for birds or even airplanes to fly above it, due to the magnetic force.

Because of the magnetic attraction, planes and birds are unable to fly over the Kaaba, according to scientists. This is why, of course, there is no airport in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This also explains why, despite the vast number of birds in the Kaaba's immediate vicinity, they only fly around it, not above it!

It's worth noting that the Kaaba is the earth's light. The light from the Kaaba travels across space and across the sky to the light at Allah's house in the sky (baytul Ma'mour), which is perpendicular to Allah's house in the world (the Ka'abah on the ground).

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