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3 Causes of food spoilage

Food does not suddenly spoil,it is natural occuring process . Food spoilage is the process where by food content are no more suitable for us to consume. Due to food spoilage one third of the world's food for the consumption of human is lost every year . bacteria and various fungal are the cause of food spoilage. This article will teach you 3 causes of food spoilage.

Source: Toppr.

1. Microorganisms: some food spoilage are causes by microorganisms, some of this organism causes food borne illness also know as pathogenic microorganisms , pathogenic microorganisms can grow in side a food without any noticable change of color ,odor, appearance and taste. While spoilage microorganisms include some kind of bacteria that can grow well at low temperature. Bacteria causes food spoilage by breaking down the food and produce acid.

2. Oxidation : Oxidation is a chemical process that produce unwanted change of color , taste ,odor and nutrients content , which result when air react with food component . when food comes in contact with oxygen in the air , immediately the food will start to decay . When fat in the food became rancid , oxidation is responsible.

3. Careless packing: The way food are been package matters and we need to pack our food very well to avoid bacteria and to maintain good quality of the food. When meat, fish and vegetables are not packed well it will expose them to bacterias. Bruises and cracks on raw material produce leave area where microorganisms easily grow. Gentle handling food items will help maintain food quality and safety longer.

Food is important. To prevent bacteria from entering our food we have learn how to preserve our food. Food preservation is defined as the process of storing food in a secured manner. There are many ways to avoid food spoilage which includes freezing , boiling salting and dehydrating.

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