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Facts about water

There are many facts about water that may have not come across. You will be awed after going through this facts.

1. Water has an insipid taste.

Yes, it does. In our basic school,we were taught that water is tasteless. But after some research scientist found out that water has an insipid taste.

2. There is the same amount of water on Earth as there was when the Earth was formed.

3. Water is the only substance that exists in all the three states; Solid, liquid and gaseous.

4. Water is the oldest substance. It has been there before humans. It is possible because of the continuous recycling of water.

5. Objects are more likely to float on salty water than fresh water. The red Sea is a typical example.

6. About 70% of the human body contains water.

Water is has proven to be source of many lives. It brings about good digestion, it's used in the process of want to know? I will talk about that in my next article.

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