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Turkish Family Make Use Of Both Their Hands And Legs While Walking

In a small village in south turkey, five brothers and sisters have caught the attention of scientists and tourists around the world by their distinct mode of movement. They move around by placing their hands on the floor alongside their feet and move like a bear.

Over the years a lot of theories stated that the mode of movement of the siblings is similar to that of animals mainly primates proposing a backward evolution of humans, but a new theory has stated that the distinct mode of locomotion of the family is as a result of a rare disorder. 

Some reports stated that the condition is a genetic imbalance caused by adaptation and cerebellar hyperplasia. It was also stated that the family also have a rare brain disorder causing an imbalance which prevents them from walking normally. The other 14 siblings of the disabled 5 brothers and sisters can walk normally. Experiments and test are continuously been done by scientist to be able to specifically identify the cause of the disorder.

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