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Oceans Made Of Lava, Raindrops Made Of Rocks & Supersonic Wind, Could This Planet Be Hell Fire?

As the World continues to evolve, Scientists and Researchers keep making new discoveries. In 2020, a new planet with temperature of 2700 degrees that can melt any metal was discovered in the orbits.

This newly discovered Planet nicknamed "hellish planet" is reportedly the hottest so far among all the planets on record. This new discovery has generated alot of questions like; if it has any connection with "Hell fire" or "Furnace of fire" mentioned in the Bible?

It is also repoeted to be twice as large as Jupiter which happens to be the previously last known biggest planet in the Universe.The Hellish Planet has oceans made of lava, raindrops made of rocks and the winds are supersonic.

It's daytime temperature is approximately 2700 degrees celcius and nightime temperature approaching 2300 degrees celcius. No life can ever survive in this planet infact the nightime temperature is the second hottest ever measured, says Brett Addison, a University of Southern Queensland astrophysicist.

The temperature is way more higher than the melting point of most household metals which can easily turn to liquid at 2000 degrees

However this new discovery proves that Venus is not the hottest planet so far. But, could this mean that the Furnace of fire mentioned in Matthew 13:42 already in exist?


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