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Check Out How Newly Built Ships Are Launched Into The Ocean.

Have you ever imagined how ships are launched? Unlike cars and airplanes that are built and driven on land, the launching of ships into the ocean requires special skills and attention and in the latter part of this article, you'd see how it is done.

Before I proceed, I could like to say humans are one of the most intelligent creatures ever made, No wonder the biologist nicknamed us the higher animal due to our complex brain, and the bible justified this in Genesis 1:26 when our Creator made us in his image and likeness.

Ships are one of the many wonders of the human invention the designs and crafting of ships require much technology, and what's more fascinating about them is their size. Some are two times larger than a football field and heavier than anything you can imagine but still stays afloat in the water.

Ships exist in a variety of sizes, each suited with its mode of operation. For long-distance transport, some require enormous diesel engines, while others employ nuclear-powering systems to stay at sea for months, but regardless of any option used, the engineering behind these machines is pretty impressive.

When ships are made in the shipyards, they are required to be launched into the water for testing just like engineers engage cars on roads, and the process of launching a ship into water is called Ceremonial ship launching.

They are various methods of launching a ship which include.

(1) Using Airbags: This process involves inflating tubes and putting them under the hull of the ship close to the waterside, which then deflates causing a downward slope of the ship and eventually launching it into the ocean.

(2)Using Sideways: This involves the sideways movement of the ship into the water, It is one of the most familiar and extensively used techniques.

(3) Using Slipways: Slipways are sloppy concreted paths made into the water. With this process, the ship is greased to allow free movement into the water.

Regardless of the method used, Ship launching is a sight to behold.

Check out more photos of the eye-catching eventThanks for your time.

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